Election in my country tomorrow

Tomorrow, 8 March 2008, is the important date in my country's history. It is the 12th election of Malaysia. The campaigns are really hot now and anything can happen at the coming election. Two main and huge competitors, Barisan Nasional and Barisan Alternatif will be compete with their own agenda among other small parties. Barisan Alternatif that is Parti PAS and Parti keadilan will fight for justice and human rights along with Islam agenda. While Barisan Nasional still maitaining their money and development campaigns.

The campaigns from both sides are hotter than before and i think this year is the most hottest election of all the time in Malaysia. I don't know how before i was born, but since i know the meaning of election, this year is the hottest. But thank God, Malaysia's citizens are still maintain cool and not experiencing tragedy so far. They are only hot in speeches and words, but cool in action.

I hope people in Malaysia that was qualify to elect will choose the best leader to lead this country. And i'm not ashame and afraid to mention here that i personally support Barisan Alternatif (PAS and Keadilan). Good luck in your election and all the best! Think wise before electing ok. May Allah bless us all with His Mercy, amiiin ....... :)



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