How to clean ac8zt2 virus

My pc was infected by ac8zt2 virus. Avast antivirus keeps warning me about it. It keeps coming out even after been deleted. If this happen to your PC, then i recommend you to use these Antivirus and anti spywares;

Antivirus = Avast antivirus ( because it can detect this kind of virus and can delete it , but still the virus hide somewhere else and keep coming out) and AVG (helps me a lots and kill the virus). But please set just one antivirus for the startup. It is harmful if we put more than one antivirus at the startup. For safety, just put one and the other is only for scanning purpose.

Then i try to scan spyware / adware with

SUPERAntiSpyware (led by Nick Skrepetos) and Ad-Aware from Lavasoft (free version requires automatic updating).

After cleaning your system, disable System Restore, reboot and re-enable System Restore when you log back on. This will clear the malware that may still be lurking in System Restore, which could be reinstalled should you need to rollback at some point. Additionally, a reboot may be required to complete the malware removal process. For reasons this should be done after and not before malware removal.

And don't forget to use Comodo Firewall or Zone alarm for your firewall protection against the virus in the future. I hope this method will work for you to kill ac8zt2 and all the best.

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