BitTorrent Absolute Downloader 2.88 contains virus

Warning, i tried to download BitTorrent Absolute Downloader 2.88 from one site. But guess what, my Avast antivirus detected that it contains Trojan virus. Wonder why that popular freeware site got virus in it. But hey, nothing impossible now and in internet world, DTA (Don't Trust Anybody) can be change to DTAS (Don't Trust Any Software).

I just abort the connection to that software, don't want to take any risk of it, because not worth to add more risks when there are many risks of viruses now.

So for torrent fans, becareful when you try to download software to speed up your torrent download. Not all can be trusted especially when it is freeware. Make sure your antivirus always updated and works fine. Quickly abort connection when virus been detected before it will activate itself in your PC.

So beware of any sites that provide software to be download, whether it is trusted site or not because anything can happen. Many bad guys are waiting the opportunities to enter your PC with their viruses creation.

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