Starting my personal blog

Salaam alaikum w.b.t. and how are you everybody? From now on, i will treat this blog as my personal blog, where i will write about everything from my experiences offline and online. I'm not a good author actually, especially in English, because my nature tongue is Malay and i'm from Malaysia. But i just want to share what i know, get to know more people online, sharing together, earn income for living, along with improving my English. I hope anyone of you will correct me if my grammar, use of words etc got wrong hehe.

I got couples more blogs but they are all not so personal. They are science and technology blog, photo and wallpaper blog, video blog, make money online blog and so on. But i intend this Perpustakaan blog for more to my personal variety experiences and thoughts.

Thanx to couples of my friends like Zubli Zainordin, Bobby Revell, Bharat man shrestha, Luvlee, EvNucci, Siti Al Salihah, Priyanka Joshi, Kak Long, Mariuca, LadyJava and so on that gave me inspiration to keep blogging and not to give up to reach my goal in this arena. And i hope they all will reach their goal and success too, not just in blogging but in whatever they do in their life.

Ok, the countdown is begin now!! Hehe , actually it's not a countdown, but the beginning of the new story from the humble person. I hope my writings will be useful and give benefits to many. All the best and cheers everybody :)



Congratulation On begining of Your Personal Blog.
Hope You will share about you and your experince about online and offline life.

I appreciate ,you have added me as your friend.

Thank you very much

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